Isco or Bale who should start in Cardiff?

Previously it was a case of whether Isco will stay or not but now its something more than that and now the question is can Isco bench Bale? The answer to this question is not a simple one. There are a lot of aspects to look into  and determine whether Bale’s position in the starting line up is really at stake or not.

Let me pitch some of the reasons why I think its difficult for Bale to bench Isco if he returns for the final of the UCL.


There is no doubting Bale’s abilities but the injuries he has suffered this season at key times and at regular intervals have put his position in the team a little bit under jeopardy because  its not always easy to hit top gear easily after coming back from lengthy breaks.

Lit Performances from Isco

The fact that Isco has been absolutely magical for the team whenever called upon makes it even more tough for Bale.  Its not only his magical passes and deft touches combined with intricate dribbling that make his case strong but its  also his work rate off the ball.


Isco’s work rate has been very very good and he really has helped the team defensively  as well.

Link up with Kroos and Modric

Isco along with Kroos and Modric  links up the midfield so well that teams find it more difficult to control the ball and the trio’s performances in the semi final of UCL vs Atletico were just out of the world.

Rio was so impressed by Isco and co that he compared them with the famous Barcelona trio of Iniesta, Xavi and Busquest.

Indeed if they were incredible that night and  Isco’s performance over the two legs was pivotal to Real Madrid’s success and if he can play anywhere near that level it will be incredibly hard for Bale to take the baton from him.

Now lets try and make a case for Bale

Work rate on the wings

Zidane  although can change his system to allow Isco to settle into the team but his favored formation is 4-3-3 which obviously favors Bale. Plus if you watch his performance more closely you will understand that his work rate on the wings is exceptional and he really helps the team a lot.

Big Money Signing

Since Gareth was a big money signing so the top hierarchies at Real Madrid would want him to play and this may be can help him to get his place in the starting XI

Get Back to Fitness

Gareth must work on his fitness and because we all know the potential is there and he can win titles for us but for that  he needs to remain fit for longer periods to help Real Madrid achieve its goals


30471467042_7d433a743a_o (1).jpg

Isco surely has got the potential to keep Bale on the bench but if the Welshman can find his fitness and get a good run of games under his belt than he can lead Real Madrid to greater heights and take the baton from Cristiano who is now on the wrong side of his thirties.

The chances of Bale playing the UCL final in my opinion are slim although the temptation for him will be to play in his home land and impress but Zidane wont risk it in my opinion even if Bale is 100% fit.


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