Marcos Llorente: Is he really worth all the hype?

Its always nice to see your academy products perform at the top level and become a part of first team and its even more nicer when that young player has the Madridista blood running down his body which is the case with Real Madrid’s young, solid and determined midfielder Marcos Llorente. Although he is currently on loan at Alaves but belonging to a family who has served Real Madrid so well is bound to give his all for Madrid and be a  great servant to the club as his father Paco and great uncle Gento were in their time.
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Marcos Llonrent just 22 years has already started making headlines for himself with his stellar performances for Alaves. For the normal viewers or the casual football fan his importance or presence is not much but for people who follow football all know how important his role is in the team.

Good CDM’s are hard to come by  as these are the players who provide balance to side both defensively and offensively. The importance of a CDM for Real Madrid can be easily understood by looking at how important Casemiro is for Real Madrid because he is the player who is prepared to do the dirty work and put in tackles, he gives more freedom to the likes Modric and Kroos to dictate the tempo of the game offensively.

Llorente has already shown that he has got it all to be the best  CDM in the near future with some great performances for Alaves against big teams like Barcelona and Atletico Madrid.


The stats for the 22 year old are no less than brilliant and considering his age Real Madrid know that they have got an invaluable talent. When we compare Marcos with Kante(Chelsea) and Busquests(Barca)  is he better than them? The following charts will clarify any doubts.

*All stats are per 90 mins averages







The above charts clearly gives Marcos Llorente the defensive edge over some of the best CDM’s in the world.  Interceptions, blocks, clearances  and tackles he has a  better per 90 minutes average than his rivals and being just 22 further amplifies his worth.

The only stat where Nzonzi beats him is aerial duals won but for that we have to keep in mind that Nzonzi is 6.2 ft  while Marcos is 5.9 ft. The height factor certainly contributes to this stat but still his stats are better than Kante and Busquets although Kante is a bit smaller than Marcos and others.

Since we have discussed his defensive qualities now lets have a look at his offensive  or shall I say his passing qualities because for any midfielder even if he is a  CDM he needs to have good passing skills and the ability to link up the play with his midfield partners and other.


Marcos LLorente ball playing abilities are no less than anyone in fact they are very good. He creates more chances per 90 mins than Sergio Busquets although Kante leads the chart but with all due respect Marcos currently play for Alaves a club with not many good players and  yet Marcos is able to still create chances from so  deep is something remarkable.


Passing accuracy isn’t bad either , surely playing with Modric and Kroos when he comes back from loan will help him improve that stat as well.

Marcos Llorente expressed his desire to play for Real Madrid in a recent interview with AS:

I’m looking forward to returning — it’s my dream to play and succeed at Madrid. What I want is to go back.

Young, talented and determined to play for Real Madrid but will he be really able to find his way into the Real Madrid starting XI?

You people might be surprised that why haven’t  I mentioned Casemiro’s stats, well in this section I am going to compare both of them and we will try to determine whether he still needs some time or can he directly get into the starting eleven.

Casemiro has not played as many minutes as Marcos due to injury but since his return he has been exceptional and Real Madrid have played better and defended better with him in the team.

 Per 90 mins averages Casemiro Llorente
Interceptions 1.59 2.79 
Blocks 0.45 0.37
Clearances 1.25 1.63
Succesful Tackles 4.65 2.79
Aerial Duel Won 2.72 1.37
Aerial Duels won % 60 66.67
Pass Accuracy 86 87
Chances Created 0.34 0.58

Not too bad here either from Marcos Llorente  and as the stats suggest Marcos will have a strong case to start  along side Modric and Kroos when he comes back from his loan move.

Casemiro’s successful tackles average of 4.65 is quite remarkable on the other hand Marcos is very good at interceptions 2.79 interceptions/90 mins.

The stats also suggest that Marcos is just a little bit better passer of the ball than Casemiro and creates more chances than him.

Having Marcos Llorente back will also be a plus for Zidane because its the only position where Real Madrid do not have a direct replacement so yeah his addition to the squad will further strengthen the squad.

Surely Marcos Llorente is destined to play for Real Madrid  and serve the club well. The young CDM  has already made his name for Alaves and also helped his side reach the final of Copa Del Rey where they will face Barcelona.


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A solid defensive midfielder who doesn’t mind doing the dirty work  and who also has the ability to pass accurately and create chances. At 22 he still has a lot to learn but he is all set to follow the footsteps of his great uncle Gento who remarkably won 6 European Cups with the Los Blancos.

“When I trained with the first-team I focused a lot on Casemiro and Toni Kroos, but I’ve always noticed Xabi Alonso. I like to play ahead of the backline, using the ball, and helping the defence. My uncle [agent Julio Llorente] told me to learn from Alonso.”


Lets hope this young talent fulfills his potential and achieve success with Real Madrid.




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