Real Madrid Pakistani Supporters


Believe me, some day the world is gonna know your name.

Every journey starts with a dream, whether it be a dream to achieve fame, wealth or respect, it all starts with an initial idea or an ambitious thought in mind.This is the story of two men who sat out on the journey of promoting Real Madrid in Pakistan. Their love for football is immense but their love for Real Madrid is something which has now made them the leading Real Madrid fan base in Pakistan with almost 200k likes.


Muhammad Hassan and Arsalan Khalid are the founders of the page. Their journey started in the 2010-11 season when they first decided to show their love for Real Madrid and created a Facebook page with the name “Real Madrid Pakistani Supporter” at this point you might be thinking what’s so special about them even I can do it but their passion and love for Real Madrid was more than just this they had a dream . A dream to work so hard that their page will one day become the  leading Football pages in Pakistan but little did they know that their dream would become a reality but to achieve what they have achieved now is only because of their dedication, perseverance, hard work but most importantly their desire to do something  remarkable for the Football and Real Madrid fans in Pakistan.

In 2012 they suffered a setback their page was deleted by Facebook and  all the handwork of the past year and a half seemed to be lost but they didn’t give up despite of the fact that they lost about 4000 fans which obviously was a big number at that time.

They started another page with the same name but with even more determination.  They were sad  but that didn’t stop them from achieving their dream. This time their efforts were rewarded and just with in an year  that is in 2013 they reached over 10k likes.

Now there fan base was growing at a very fast rate and to increase their fan base and also to interact with them personally they organized live screening events for big matches such as the UCL final between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid (2014 and 2016), Clash between Real Madrid and Barcelona in the League or any other match of importance.

During this period Real Madrid also suffered many setbacks such as crushing defeats to arch rivals such as Barcelona and Atletico Madrid in these difficult times as a true and passionate fan still the admins of the page were always the first to defend their team and to boost the morale of their fans.


After going from 0 to 10k likes in a year. They reached another milestone of 50 thousand likes in just a year. On  5th October 2015 they crossed the 50k barrier.

On 3rd June 2016 they crossed 100,000 mark. On this achievement they thanked their fans with this photo

After crossing the 100k barrier 3 months earlier they are now all set to make it 200k just before the end of this year.

They are also now available on twitter and instagram.

The way that the admins of the page run their page is commendable and even more so if we consider the information they provide us starting from Match Timings to Post Match Analysis for every Real Madrid match weather its a Champions League Final or a friendly they keep us updated and informed of all the things related to Real Madrid and its players.

What many neutrals like about their page is that they dont post trolls or disrespect their rivals which is a very good thing because in this way they can unite all the other fan pages and work towards the promotion of football in Pakistan.

They even do live sessions just to interact with their fans and to provide them something new and cater the demands of their fans. Trolls were posted of the admin who did live sessions with the fans but it just motivated him more.

Just about everything is available on their page Real Madrid Pakistani Supporters.

Question & Answers:

I asked some questions to one of the admins of RMPS page and they were kind enough to reply me and in detail as well.

Best Moments as a Real Madrid Fan?

Winning Copa Del Rey final in extra time with Ronaldo’s winning goal against the best Barcelona side in 2011. That was Madrid’s first trophy in 3 years.

Winning a Clasico at Camp Nou after a very long time in 2012.

La Decima is the best moment obviously because watching your favorite team lifting the most important title after the wait of 12 years is unbelievable.

Best Moments as an admin?

Getting shout out from Tensports , RMTV showing our tweet in a live show.

Motto of the Page?

Respect everyone and give your best till the end.

Biggest Regret?

Never saw Zidane at his prime. I started watching in the retirement year of Zidane.


Even though this is simple to do but a lot of people dont use the page as they must should do so that they remain updated about everything about their favorite club. Following are some simple and very basic ways by which you can enjoy and benefit from what they have to offer.

– Firstly if you haven’t turned on the notifications of the page you are missing a lot so turn it on.

– Some people dont like to turn on notifications  no problem! just go to their page and hover your mouse pointer over the Like button and click on “see first”.  By doing this whenever you open Facebook you will see all their posts first in your news feed its a good way to keep yourself updated about what you like.

– You may dont have enough time to read all what they post every day so I have made a list of what you should at least read  and give attention to so that you as a fan dont miss anything important.

  • First things first keep an eye on their pinned post it is very important because it tells us about match timings, venue, date, opponents before the match and after the match they upload highlights and pin it to the top so that you can conveniently find it on their page.
  • Right after the match they post a  PMA ( Post Match Analysis) stay tuned for that because if you have missed the match it will give you a fair understanding of what happened in the match.
  • Do not miss live sessions.


In my opinion its the best club supporting  page in Pakistan  

 The success of this page can be judged by the fame it received in such a little period of time. The page has all the aspects and features of what a successful social networking page has to offer. Like any other Facebook page, the admins of RMPS started off from scratch, their efforts and persistent brilliance is what lead them to what they are today. Their 5 year-long journey serves as an inspiration to everyone who wants to achieve anything similar to them. Lastly, i would acknowledge the fact that this page not only represents a club’s fan following in Pakistan, but it also represents the Pakistan’s love for football all over the world. Because a page this famous acts as a platform for devoted and passionate Pakistani football fans, to interact and share their views all over the world. I wish this page the very best of luck for the future and hope they reach unbelievable milestones for the many more successful years to come.


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